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November 01, 2008



Wow! What a fun roundup!

Jennifer at Jaybird Cakes

Oh, what fun! This makes me impatient for next year's Exchange. I wanted to join in this year, but I've been crazy busy with 8 wedding cakes a week since April, on top of the normal orders and stuff at my shop. I promise you, Molly, that next year I will be ready to ship out my strawberry basil and marmalade.


What a great post! This was my second year with in this exchange and loved it just as much as last year. I can't wait to do it again!

Michelle in Colorado Springs

Thanks for holding this. It was fun!


What lovely comments, I'm blushing.

I've finally posted about the jam - Angie, I'm so sorry it's taken so long, it's been one of those months and is in no way reflective of the jam, which is delicious, thank you so much.

As for the Cham - it's actually a mix of fruit cheese and jam, because I over set it so much, and yes, I did make it up to try and justify my mistakes! It is a bit like chutney though because it goes well with cheese.

The exchange has been so much fun, and I can't wait to get involved again next year. Thank you Molly.


I feel like a slacker for only sending one jar--but the only other thing I had canned was a kinda gritty peach butter,(not cool, peaches, not cool) and chili sauce (which was good, but not jam.) Next year, I shall be prepared.

I still haven't opened the currant jam. Like you, I didn't want it to go to waste, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna make an appearance on the Thanksgiving table.

Thanks for hosting Molly!! So, how about a Christmas cookie exchange next?


This was a great roundup. So fun to see what everyone else received. I'll have to do a special cham post. Molly-love the new look of your blog.


Man so many people sent so much stuff!! I can't wait to do this again! So much fun and what a great kick in the butt to learn how to do it! love it! :) thanks to everyone!


Hey Molly,
So sorry that I couldn't join in this year, but I've got it tagged in my mind for next.
By the way, I've just posted a note about your jamming jelly exchange in an online knitting community I'm part of, Ravelry. Filled with jamming jelly loving women (and a few men).

Thanks for bringing Sarah back home.

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