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April 15, 2008



This house we recently bought has a double oven. I've used the top one once. I don't even know if the lower one works!

Did your friend in Portland get her braces?

Z bread looks good!


your photos are stunning! that's an awesome story and an even more awesomer (yeah, i said it) recipe. zucchini bread is perfectly acceptable for any meal. :)


I'm totally bookmarking this bread for when my garden starts producing!


yum that bread looks delicious you are making me hungry! man I had my oven go a year ago but I live in an apartment with a landlord who doesn't fix anything ever. It happened to be around thanksgiving so I called with a story that I had 10 people coming over and needed the oven!! It was fixed that day woohoo!


Val, you need to get to baking and my friend will get her braces off next month.


Pooh. Broken ovens are so not-cool...I keep forgetting that my toaster broke too, though luckily I didn't use it as much as an oven and haven't really needed to fix it yet.

I love the sound of your Zucch-bread!


The zucchini bread looks super yummy. Great pics! :)


You are indeed a genius. The bread looks so delicious and healthy...

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