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February 19, 2008



Oooooooh puppy puppy puppy puppy! She is getting SO BIG! Oh dats a good dawg. I was just looking through her tiny-puppy photos... they grow so fast! And now that I have my own kitchen, I can't wait to try that cookie recipe! (As soon as I have a working oven.)


This winter we've discovered that the Chuck-it is also a wonderful snowball maker & thrower. Doesn't work with dry snow, but when the snow gets to a certain wetness the Chuck-it works like a really long-handled ice cream scoop. And you don't have to worry about losing the balls!



Two words: shock collar.

I got the idea from a friend of mine with a human teen. :-)


But Val, a knee to the chest is FREE.


Thanks for the scoop (ahaha), Heather! I have a chuck-it, still in its packaging because I was going to save it for spring, but I'll haul it out now.


What a cute puppy!! She has grown so fast. Maybe she will just grow out of the kung fu attacks.

And your cookies look delish. I am definitely going to be trying them.

Gretchen Noelle

Just subscribed. Looks like I will be enjoying some of your delicious recipes. Oh, and *really* cute puppy (from someone who *really* dislikes dogs).


Your puppy is too cute. And the cookies look good too.


I love your dishes! I would love a toille set.


Wow! What beautiful photographs and food!
I just have to say that I love your dog! Instant love!

I'm a budding photographer, I currently work as one of the expat photographers for a local travel and culture magazine here in Seoul. I've been asked to consider photographing food as well as my landscapes.

Keep up the good work! Your one I'll watch for weekly!



That puppy is adorable. Almost as cute as those cookies. I enjoy baking those big ginger cookies, not only for the taste but also for the delicious scent they leave in my kitchen.


That has to be the most innocent looking puppy face I think I've ever seen. I think I'd need photographic proof that that pup could be naughty, lol. (even in an "I really want to knock you down just to lick your face" kind of way)

The cookies! This past weekend, my husband ran into the natural foods store in our neighborhood, and came out with a pack of 2 gorgeous soft ginger cookies that looked just like that. We immediately scarfed them down, and he asked me if I could find a recipe to make some for him. I think I just did! Thanks!


How soft are these cookies? And do they STAY soft?

I am searching for a truly soft (read: cake-like) ginger cookie that will actually stay soft longer than an hour or two. (Even properly stored)

Might these be what I'm looking for?


hey plant gurl -- mine stayed soft for several days after baking. Other people have baked them after reading my post and theirs turned out fluffier than mine, probably even softer.

Miss Scarlett

Yeah mine turned out a little fluffier as well. They were still delicious. I made them smaller, too.


She's just so cute though. How could anyone resist her? That face!

Rachelle "Mommy? I'm Hungry!"

Aren't these cookies the best!

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